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About Us

At Straight Up Beverages, it’s all about family.

We are part of Irish Companies, which is a fourth generation, family-owned business in Buffalo, New York. It started as a propane business, but eventually expanded to include carbonated gas and dry ice products and now bulk beverage syrups. No matter what, our mission has always been about helping out other families with our “always there when you need us” services.

So when we heard about a 100-year old family recipe for soda that was laying dormant, we knew we needed to step in and continue its legacy. It’s why we acquired the recipe and are committed to bringing it to businesses, who want to offer a unique, vintage experience to their customers.

Every sip is steeped in family history and good old fashioned Buffalo values. It’s approachable. It’s affordable. It’s made by a Buffalo business for other Buffalo businesses.

We’ll drink to that!

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