Discover a 100-Year Old Family Flavor

Straight Up Flavors

When it comes to soda pop, it’s all about the taste! It’s why we use a 100-year-old family recipe to create a unique, vintage experience that your customers will love.

Our recipe was one of the first cola flavors ever! Soda fountains were popping up in drugstores, ice cream parlors and train stations. It was the heyday of soda and our recipe was there.

When we heard that, we knew we had to continue its legacy. So our family acquired this famous family recipe and are ensuring it gets served to other families for years to come. Cheers to family!

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The City of Good Flavors

From classic sodas to sweet teas to simple mixers, we’ve got something for everyone! Our ever-expanding lineup is designed to support the needs of restaurants and bars in Buffalo, New York. We offer local pricing to ensure the profits stay on Main Street instead of Wall Street.

Plus, our production facility is right here and it’s going to stay that way. It’s what helps us get the product to our neighbors shortly after an order is placed. We’re a Buffalo business for other Buffalo businesses!